Coordinator of Residence Life

DEPARTMENT:Student Affairs

FUNCTION:Serves as residence halls supervisors while incorporating and supervising activities that speak to the empowerment of positive student life development.  This position will reside in the residential halls during the academic year.

REPORTS TO:Residential Life Director


  • Maintains order in the dormitory
  • Aid in providing an environment of safety for all students
  • Assist Student Affairs’ in evaluation efforts such as surveys
  • Monitor the adhering to all rules and regulations as stipulated in the Student Handbook
  • Document negative behavior as to confer with Vice President of Student Affairs as to devising a plan to halt such behavior as referrals and judicial committee
  • Act as an “advisor” in the housing environment while keeping in strict confidence information shared and/or behavior exhibited
  • Develop programs within the living environment conducive to providing support for the Student Affairs’ Mission Statement
  • Serve on selected committees from Academic Affairs Unit


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Two or more years in related fields

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