Message from the President


It is with great pleasure that I recently joined the Clinton College family. While my mission is to continue in the path of our former great leaders, I understand that I cannot do it alone. Clinton College is poised to become one of South Carolina’s finest institutions. And to accomplish this it will take a concerted effort from myself, our faculty, staff, and most importantly our students and families.

We want Clinton College to be your gateway to unlimited opportunities for success through an exceptional educational experience. We are committed to your future. We are committed to motivating our students to be their absolute best. We know and believe that students learn at different levels, therefore our faculty, staff, and team of educational professionals are ready to serve in a way that can best help them achieve their greatest goals.

Thank you for considering Clinton College and we sincerely hope you’ll join us as we strive to be that beacon of hope.

Dr. Lester A McCorn



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