Academic Affairs

Dr. Alvin McLamb, Vice President of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is designed to support the academic programs of Clinton College through selection, supervision, and evaluation of faculty and professional staff; providing professional development for faculty and staff; budgeting for and providing instructional resources, including library holdings; and improving and maintaining academic programs and assessment systems.

Academic programs at Clinton College facilitate and assess students’ learning in alignment with the College mission. The General Education requirements for all programs and the specific program requirements have established goals for students’ learning in four major areas: academic achievement, moral and spiritual growth, leadership development, and citizenship in a global society. On-going assessment of students’ attainment of these goals guides continuous improvement of programs, courses, assignments, use of resources, and assessment methods.

Associate Degree Programs
Business Administration
Early Childhood Development
Liberal Arts
Religious Studies
Natural Sciences

Bachelor Degree Programs
Business Administration
Religious Studies


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