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The Library is committed to making available resources in various formats that support the College’s curriculum and to providing the best services to its users.

Library Hours

Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed during Lyceum and other College functions as mandated by the College.


The College has provided a beautiful facility to assist you in meeting your educational needs. Noise should be kept at a minimum so that others who are serious about their study are respected and not disturbed. Those who ignore Library warnings may be asked to leave. For public courtesy and the general welfare of the collection, SMOKING is not permitted. Since food and beverages are detrimental to books and attract unwanted insects, they are prohibited EXCEPT for special occasions such as seminars and lectures. Then they are permitted in designated areas of the Library.

Use of resources

Library resources are primarily provided for students, faculty/staff, and other College personnel. Others from the community may request use of these resources. Privileges extended to others are subject to the same rules and regulations of the College Library.

Circulation: Circulating materials may be borrowed for one week with the option to renew three (3) times. You must present a CURRENT Clinton College ID for borrowing.

Reference: These resources do not circulate outside the Library. Faculty members requiring these materials for outside use may do so with the approval of a member of the Library Staff.

Reserve Materials: Items may be placed on reserve by faculty members for student use. Reserves are restricted for in-house use only, unless the faculty member specifies overnight use.

Periodicals and Serials: Popular magazines and professional journals are available on a variety of subjects. Others can be accessed online. The fine for mutilation of these materials is the cost of the magazine or journals.

Overdue Fines

Circulating: Ten cents per day per item. That includes weekends and holidays. Three (3) notices will be sent to the current address.

Reserve Materials: Fifty cents per day for late returns.

Failure to receive a notice does not exempt a student for fines incurred.

Technology and Online Resources

Computer technology and other external data base search tools are available.

Word Processing and Internet: Computers are available for word processing and internet services. Provision has been made for laptops at tables along the walls of the Library including connections for wired and wireless access.

Online Databases:
DISCUS: Provides all South Carolinians with access to an electronic library of essential information.

Online Catalog: The Library’s print and media collection is indexed in the Atriuum online catalog for the Library. This system has four modules: online public access catalog, circulation, cataloging, and acquisitions. Three (3) terminals are available for public use.

Library of Congress Classification System

The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification Outline to index its print and media resources.
A-General Works
B- Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C-Auxiliary Science of History
D-World History and History of Europe,Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.
E-America: United States
F-Americans, British, Dutch, French, Latin
G-Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H-Social Science
J-Political Science
N-Fine Arts
P-Language and Literature
V-Naval Science
Z-Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

Information for Faculty/Staff

Welcome Clinton College Faculty: The library is pleased to offer services and resources to assist you with your teaching and research. You are always invited to ask for additional services not included on this site.



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