Programs Offered

Associate and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
The major purpose of the A.S. in Business Administration is to ensure that students will have the tools available to compete in the business environment. The purpose of the B.S. in Business Administration is to provide experiences that will assist students in developing an understanding of the free enterprise system; an understanding of ethical and effective business functions, operations, technology, and interrelationships; and an awareness of careers in business, industry, government, and related areas.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
The A.A. in Liberal Arts is designed to provide educational opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills in academic studies in a wide variety of courses transferable to most four-year colleges or universities. It will provide the flexibility to move into any major that is based on a broad liberal arts foundation.

Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
The primary purpose of the A.A. in Religious Studies is to develop students’ understanding of Biblical foundations, church history, and Christian ethics, issues, principles, and practices. The purpose of the B.A. in Religious Studies is to build on the goals of the A.A. program and to add the goals of expanding students’ knowledge of church history and practices, developing critical awareness of the relationships among philosophy, psychology, science, literature and religion, developing understanding of world religions, and developing skills for contributing to society through Christian education and service.

Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Development
The major purpose of the A.A. in Early Childhood Development is to provide students with fundamental understandings of the typical and atypical development of young children, the criticality of family-community partnerships, current findings about the interrelationships of health, safety, and nutrition for the developing child, and the nature of learning through different kinds of experiences. The program prepares students to matriculate to a four-year program in majors such as Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, or Child Development Studies.

Associate of Science in Natural Sciences
The major purpose of the A.S. in Natural Sciences is to provide a strong foundation in the sciences and in mathematics for students wishing to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field of study (STEM).


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